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Do you buy Stamps? Want to SAVE money?


Do you buy Stamps? We Will SAVE you money!

Just bring us your addressed letters/small parcels large and small without a stamp and we will send them for you with our daily Royal Mail collection. Must be with us by 4:30pm. Anything after 4:30pm will be processed next day.

All prices subject to change at anytime via Royal Mail.

Letter Prices (correct on 23/6/17)

Stamp 1st Class OUR PRICE Saving Stamp 2nd Class OUR PRICE Saving
Letter 65p 59p 6p 56p 45p 11p
Large Letter 96p 88p 8p 75p 69p 6p

Large Letter Prices (correct on 23/6/17)

First Class OUR PRICE Saving Second Class OUR PRICE Saving
101g-250g     £1.33 £1.25 0.08p £1.22 £1.15 0.07p
251g-500g £1.74 £1.65 0.09p £1.58 £1.35 0.23p
501g-750g £2.52 £2.37 0.15p £2.14 £1.95 0.19p
751g-1kg £4.40 £3.20 £1.20 £3.90 £2.75 1.15p

Small parcel Prices (correct on 23/6/17)

1st Class Our Price Saving 2nd Class Our Price Saving

Small parcels

up to 1kg


£3.20 £1.20 £3.90 £2.75 £1.15p

Small parcels

up to 2kg

£6.50 £2.75 £3.75 £3.90 £2.75 £1.15

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